A review of the journey of the last vampire on earth in the novel thirst by christopher pike

Minutes after the transformation is complete, Ray, her lover previously thought dead, knocks on the door. The "Thirst" series is also cheaper, more convenient and helps support the author and publishers.

Vampires hate the cold. Arturo confessed he turned into a vampire-human hybrid and managed to stay alive. The first book starts with Alisa discovering that somebody is investigating her, and after she promises a dying man to look after his son, she meets Ray.

It is two weeks after her "death", and she attends her own funeral where she tells Seymour that she is not really Teri, but Sita. While it was nice to have some short reads after getting through some longer books, I think that the books could have been a little longer. This installment, in addition to all the others, had a lot of religious qualities to it.

The Last Vampire 9: As she lies there dying, Sita realizes at last that Kalika never meant to hurt the child, but was only trying to protect him.

She kills both men using her pistol and wanders into a nearby diner. Pike seems incapable of writing a book that comes in over pages and The Last Vampire is Tiny even by his standards. As she eases in and out of consciousness and lucidity, she remembers a song Krishna once played on his flute, long ago in the duel against Yaksha.

She does not answer it. James arrives shortly after.

Christopher Pike

However, the Inquisitors found out that Arturo had made the savage demon Ralphe, and Sita believed he was burned at the stake. Distraught, Sita asks if she will ever see Paula again, and she says no. Struck by a sudden and astonishing possibility, Sita uses the remaining blood from the messiah child on Seymour and he comes back to life.

Seter, James, and the Suzama Society to Kalika's home. The main character, Sita, or "Alisa", was absolutely captivating. He explained what he was, though the word for vampire did not exist then.

Joel, unable to believe his eyes as Sita heals right there in the car, takes her to a motel, where she admits what she is, but leaves after admonishing him to never seek her out. Overcome with happiness, Sita does not tell Seymour of Kalika's actions but vows to stop her daughter from getting hold of Paula's baby.

Leaving Seymour and Paula behind, Sita begins delving deeper into the secrets of the group of powerful beings that stalk her. In this epic conclusion to the Last Vampire, Sita must confront her darkest fears and face an unthinkable choice: The Shadow Of Death [ edit ] After the events of The Eternal Dawn, Sita is living in the body of her descendant, Teresa "Teri" Raine, after she was shot through the heart with an advanced laser-gun weapon.

On September 20,Christopher Pike released a statement via his fan page on Facebook. The Last Vampire 3: In the armoured van she and Joel ride in, Sita breaks free and takes control of the vehicle leading to a high speed chase in Los Angeles.

The Last Vampire 9: She was Sita when she was originally transformed into a vampire by her creator Yaksha.

She is shocked to discover he has cracked the DNA of a vampire. Armed with a shotgun, Sita pursues Kalika and corners her in a small house.

The Shadow of Death

Overall, I enjoyed this and I'm glad I picked it up. After fleeing with Seymour from Arturo's home to a hotel, Sita is nearly raped by two drunks on the beach when she goes out for a late walk. One night, after her father disappeared, Sita was awoken by a strange noise, and upon leaving her home, was attacked and dragged away by Yaksha.

More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages! Though they can still withstand Antarctic -like temperatures without protection, the cold slows down the healing process and hampers their mental functions. Mortally wounded, Kalika gives her blood to her mother in order to save her.

His men slaughtered most of the fleeing vampires, but Yaksha and Sita survived. She kills both men using her pistol and wanders into a nearby diner.

No word of a lie. It takes little time to find out that her child, Kalika, is indeed an incarnation of Kali Mathe Supreme Goddess of Destruction and is far more powerful than even Yaksha.

He then escapes with the child.

The Last Vampire

His men slaughtered most of the fleeing vampires, but Yaksha and Sita survived.The Last Vampire series consists of books written by Christopher Pike and chronicles the life of the 5, year old "last vampire", Sita.

A seventh book, The Eternal Dawn was. Aug 04,  · Inwith The Last Vampire: Creatures of Forever, Christopher Pike concluded Sita's story.

Inhe showed us all that Sita's story was not, in fact, over. As if that wasn't enough, he also promised another book, another extension of the series, a glimpse of something more/5.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Jessica_Jenner from One of Pike's best! Christopher Pike has long been known for the way he writes his strong female-characters, and Sita (the main character of the 'Thirst' series--formerly known as 'The Last Vampire') is no exception. In this bind-up, readers get the first three books of Christopher Pike's series, The Last Vampire.

This series features a five thousand year old vampire named Sita, or "Alisa", living in the modern world. The Last Vampire #4: Phantom, by Christopher Pike When we last saw Sita, she had used an ancient alchemical process to transform from vampire to human.

Nov 14,  · Christopher Pike had written numerous novels since "The Last Vampire" series had concluded. It was thought that our favorite vampire's journey had finally ended. Over ten years later in the summer ofa thick book titled, "Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood and Red Dice" appeared in retail stores and online websites everywhere.

A review of the journey of the last vampire on earth in the novel thirst by christopher pike
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