Case study on asthma in bayview hunters point

Health Indicators for Bayview Hunters Point residents mirror the socio-economic indicators of the community. Although it is highly unlikely that the San Francisco Energy Company SFEC will be able to construct a third power plant in the area, the struggle of this group has not ended.

What Bayview Hunters Point Families Face Inthe Asthma Task Force an outgrowth of a task force founded by the Carver School, see below conducted a community-initiated, community-led participatory action study of families of students attending the six Bayview Hunters Point elementary schools.

The SAEJ utilized the media and local newspapers to bring their struggle to the attention of local communities in the Bay. The lining of the airways becomes inflamed and swollen, and mucus accumulates, causing plugging of the airways and coughing.

She developed the Hunters Point Family to utilize the strength of family ties and mutual support that helped her, and so many other young people, to survive the harsh realities of life in Bayview Hunters Point.

According to Earl Hutchinson, author of "Toxic Air in Black America," the Centers for Disease Control warn, "Blacks are more likely to live in neighborhoods with higher air pollution levels and suffer higher levels of respiratory ailments than whites.

Case study on asthma in bayview hunters point an asthma attack, the muscles tighten Physicians for Social Responsibility. BayviewE "I would not be adverse to saying the environment is a smoking gun. The area became one of the only San Francisco neighborhoods with a majority of African Americans.

Last month, Supervisor Malia Cohen announced that the Navy agreed to retest the soil in Parcel A at the former shipyard for hazardous materials. SFEC has no plans of cleaning up this toxic site.

Networking Networking with small groups and multinational organizations, such as Greenpeace, brought support and momentum in the fight against the proposed power plant. This partnership also initiated a mini-certificate on asthma centered in the City College campus in Bayview Hunters Point.

Although one success has been achieved, residents of Bayview Hunters Point continue to face a disproportionate burden of environmental hazards and unexplained high cancer rates and respiratory ailments.

Environmental Justice Case Study: San Francisco Energy Company in Bayview/Hunter's Point, CA

In 1 Lenfant, C and Khaltaev, N. This displayed the emotion that the group members felt and the lengths that these residents were willing to go to in their effort to increase awareness of their struggle.

In the spring ofmoved to Jerrold Avenue, a former Housing Authority office, located in the Harbor Road housing developments. SFEC has no plans of cleaning up this toxic site.

Through formal recognition, inclusion in evidentiary and administrative hearings, and its ability to organize, the Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice became both a powerful and successful grassroots organization.

In AugustGIRLS received non-profit c 3 status from the state and federal government and the Board of Directors transitioned the program into independence in June of Most importantly, the program was informed by the culture of the neighborhood, specifically to serve youth in Bayview Hunters Point.

Case Study on Asthma in Bayview Hunters Point

The program also included an intensive educational component and enrichment activities to offset the destructive elements of the environment. However, opponents of the plant point out the fact that the plant will employ a peak construction force of and a permanent work force of only Critical to understanding and acting on environmental hazards to reduce asthma prevalence in Bayview Hunters Point is the need for more reliable data on asthma and better information on air pollution and other asthma triggers—and more satisfactory ways to track them.

There is substantial agreement among Bayview residents, activists, and researchers that air quality in Bayview is considerably worse than in any other area of San Francisco. At age 24 Lena completed her Masters Degree in Social Work in order to work toward enhancing the positive qualities of her community and mitigate the destructive ones.

African American women living in BVHP are two to four times more likely to give birth to infants with serious birth defects and has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any zip code in California and a murder rate that rivals Washington D.

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found in a California Health Interview Survey that theCalifornians who visit emergency rooms each year for asthma are twice as likely to be children and adults from low-income families, with African-American and Latino children predominating.Bayview Hunters Point In a city famous for its affluence, progressiveness and diversity, the neighborhood of Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) is an anomaly.

Historically an African American community, Bayview Hunters Point is located in the southeast sector of San Francisco. Attorneys representing 38, residents of San Francisco’s Hunters Point and Bayview neighborhoods in a lawsuit against Tetra Tech, the firm hired by the U.S.

Navy to rid the area’s former. Bayview Hunters Point is a predominantly low income and minority neighborhood in the southeast corner of the San Francisco peninsula.

Contained in zip codethis community has been heavily burdened with toxics and hundreds of pollution sources, making Bayview Hunters Point the most industrialized neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Part One: The Bayview/Hunters Point School/Community Asthma Survey Executive Summary Condition Critical is a report on a community-led and community-driven asthma survey of students attending six Bayview/Hunters Point elementary and middle schools.

1 Parents, community members, educators and health professionals were gravely concerned with. Case Study on Asthma in Bayview Hunters Point Asthma is a condition in which the airways temporarily become impeded, causing labored breathing, wheezing or coughing.

During an asthma attack, the muscles tighten around the airways, constricting the free exchange of air. As a result, the asthma rate in Bayview-Hunters Point is especially high. One in every six children in the area is affected. [22] Int he E nvironmental Defense Scorecard reported the neighborhood to have four times more toxins released than any other San Francisco neighborhood.

Case study on asthma in bayview hunters point
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