Dissertations on the built environment

Demand will not decline. Contact Info The development of both written and verbal presentation skills is an essential element of the course, critical to professional success, and one which is widely appreciated by our alumni.

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On the other hand, RC structure damage showed equal sensitivity to the aleatory uncertainty of the tsunami generation as well as the epistemic uncertainties due to the numerical modelling of the tsunami inundation frictionthe building classification material and build yearand the type of fragility curves depth or momentum type curves.

Responsible urbanization practices on micro and macro levels can mitigate the negative effects of the built environment. Despite the knowledge about these public health benefits of physical activity, over half of US adults do not engage in physical activity at levels consistent with public Dissertations on the built environment recommendations.

A focused ethnographic study was conducted, including observation and focus groups. The congestion-related air pollution was estimated to cost four to ten million dollars of healthcare during the five-year study period. The Urban Ecology Group uses computational tools for mapping and simulating natural and human systems; construction management employs computer applications for materials and resource planning; and urban planning faculty use remote sensing and GIS applications as well for transportation and land use simulation.

The PhD in the Built Built Environment program anticipates many new opportunities to cooperate with units that focus on related phenomena: Results from this study support the intricate link between macrocognitive interactions and space syntax constructs within the HCBE.

It also covers aspects related to the well-being of a society including walkability, bikeability, landscape amenities, and public spaces. At the end of the week all teams present their solutions to their fellow students, and a review panel of studio leaders and stakeholders. However, the preference of older adults to age in place was underscored by the findings showing that home modification rather than relocation was predicted by greater person-environment misfit.

Three major components of the urban environment were investigated in this dissertation including traffic congestion, traffic-related air pollution, and built environment.

Gilded Age spaces, actual and imagined: Edith Wharton as a spatial activist and analyst

Dissertation For Master's students research towards a dissertation is undertaken with support and guidance from an academic supervisor. To understand the effect of the built environment on bicycling, this dissertation addresses three interrelated research questions: Energy Energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy and low carbon technologies, energy systems, heating ventilating and air conditioning HVACintelligent control systems, wireless, interoperability, air distribution, cooling methods.

The demand in this area is expected to increase and be permanent. Increasing bicycle use in the US will amplify the exposure to crashes and injuries, and the outcomes will likely depend on the bicycle route choice and the risk factors in the built environment. To note demand in one specific sub-area of our proposed area of Sustainable Systems and Prototypes, in the area of construction of sustainable environments, not only is there new and increasing interest as social values and practices change, requiring more expertise in this area, but the retirement of the current senior cohort in this area soon is going to create an unmet demand for faculty, researchers, and practitioners.

The analyses findings suggested that structural supportive environmental features in homes, such as wheelchair accessibility, reduce the odds of making subsequent housing adjustments. The Design Machine Group is emerging as an internationally known center of excellence, developing computational methods and tools for built environment research and practice.

It contributes to air pollution, land use and contamination, fossil fuel depletion, water depletion, water pollution, materials depletion, impacts on human health, and climate change. Urban Connectivity The urban connectivity dimension relates to factors associated with the urban environment such as zoning, transportation networks and loadings, traffic congestion and pollution, proximity to amenities, light pollution, noise pollution, public transportation, private transportation, sewer and waterway contamination and shading of adjacent properties, building research and architectural science.

By exposing multiple disciplines to issues of energy utilization in the built environments new approaches to old problems can be formed.

International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment

Group project In parallel with the individual assignments, you will work in small groups of 5—6 to develop an original piece of thinking on a topic of mutual interest.

Those results can provide references for policymaking and urban planning in Houston and other U. We used a variety of spatial and non-spatial dataset to generate the so called walkability index. However, a relatively high damage probability was found at the river and creek region from the fragility curve analysis using h[subscript Max].

Traffic, Air Pollution, Built Environment and Obesity in Greater Houston

Anderson Cancer Center, we examined the built environment, measured objectively through the use of geographical information systems GISand its association with physical activity and obesity among a cohort of Mexican- Americans living in Harris County, Texas.

The research can address a topic of relevance to a specific organisation, or focus more generally on a challenge or location. Read more Sustainable development can be envisioned as a unique approach that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.The largest collection of electronic theses and dissertations available worldwide, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global includes 4 million works from more than 3, universities, and adds more thanworks annually.

and more connected built environment in their communities. Our campaign mobilizes people across the state to get more involved by asking all North Carolinians, from. Environment for Development Land Use Research at RFF on the way land is used and managed spans natural, rural, and urban settings, including analysis of innovative policies to limit urban sprawl, the cost and effectiveness of natural infrastructure, and the costs and.

A thesis submitted to the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Relationships between the built environment and public health began attracting focused research attention in response to two influential epidemiological cohort studies –.

During their 4-year programme, PhD candidates work on a project within one of our nine research programmes. The final product of the PhD research is a thesis, which preferably contains four or five scientific articles published in or accepted by peer-reviewed journals.

A guide to successful dissertations study for students of the built environment (2nd ed.). University of Wolverhampton. West Midlands.: The Built Environment Research Unit School of Engineering and the Built Environment.

hooks, b. ().

Master of Design Studies in Sustainable Design

Teaching community. London: Routledge.

Dissertations on the built environment
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