Impact of smes on economic development

As ofthere were Capital and natural resources are inert factors of production, human beings are the active agents who accrue and amass capital, exploit natural and material resources, put up social, economic and political organization and carry forward national development.

The Nigerian Economics Society, SMEs act as a cushion against recession by adapting and innovating as per the changing circumstances.

A CBN report in indicated that development policies which are successful have emphasized the significance of SMEs in universal economic growth and development for the following reasons: This has generated a lot of problems for domestic investors as against their foreign participants who have the alternative of making Nigeria a dumping ground for their output.

This continuous struggle for supremacy brings out the best in a business. This perhaps explains why most SMEs in Nigeria more often than not start off with inadequate funding and afterward start warming up for shut down if external funds from either the government or financial institution do not come.

SMEs are usually categorised by the number of workers employed, sales turnover and the capital employed. Nonetheless, the obvious philosophy and idea that effectively succeeded in most developed countries has not produced the much impact in the Nigerian economy.

Liberal policies encourage prospective entrepreneurs to take the plunge and create value for themselves as well as society in the end. A study carried out by Izedomi on SMEs operations in Nigeria illustrates that greater part of SMEs are found in the commercial cities with service business enterprises and distribution businesses dominating.

SMEs have small investment capitals, with small annual business turn-over. Research Methods in Administrative Sciences.

This results in further unemployment. In fact, when big industries downsize and cut down jobs, SMEs keep developing and creating more jobs. This cost will be significantly higher today taking into account the rapid rate of inflation in the economy.

SMEs need a supportive and encouraging environment in order to survive. Aside from Union Bank Plc, which has topped the list of 21 banks with payout of An unbiased appraisal of the roles of SMEs around the world, though, suffers from insufficient information to precisely do justice to the role they perform in economic growth and development.

Most SMEs are confronted with the difficulty of marketing, advertising and selling. Therefore, it involves getting things done appropriately and efficiently through people.

The prevalence of SMEs in a specific sector of the economy can be as a result of certain factors within that sector. Nevertheless, some insight on their contributions to economic growth can be gathered from inadequate analytical statistics, findings of previous studies to this effect and authorized journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers etc.

Development in economy ensures the creation of more SMEs. Therefore, sales as well as profits have remained relatively low leading to poor returns on investment. Even though they are relatively small, there are great economic importance this sector can contribute to the national building which we are going to cover in this report.

That is, an intermediate phase between the prevalence of SMEs to large-scale industries. SMEs play a vital role in being service providers and traders to the primary industry.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Spur Economic Growth and Create Jobs

Predominantly, most of the formal jobs that are available in developing markets are created by the SMEs. It was discovered that our findings supported the claims of Dozie that finance is a major catalysts to SMEs growth and development which contributes in improving economic growth of the Nigerian economy.

Most SME operators venture into business on impulse without adequate feasibility study on the project or business Mogano, It is a review on how the micro, small and medium scale enterprises MSMEs have contributed to the economic growth in Nigeria, African and other countries of the world.

The Medium sized Businesses in Nigeria also recorded 4, according to the report. However, what differs in each country is the understanding of the various ways in which SMEs assist in boosting economic development.

Furthermore, the selection of suitable technical knowledge and expertise that would produce superior, quality and standard goods capable of challenging with their international equivalent, as well as meeting both domestic and foreign needs has to be appropriately addressed Onyinlade, Inadequate Infrastructural Facilities The problem of unstable and unreliable supply of electricity, dilapidated roads, inadequate supply of water for both home and industrial use, inefficient and costly communication system, among others, have for long hindered the growth and development of SMEs in Nigeria.

When we include the informal SMEs in the list, the numbers rise even higher. Disadvantages Although the employment generated by SMEs is huge, they sometimes turn out to be temporary in nature.The Role of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Economic Development Selcuk Caner HSE Conference, Moscow 1.

Introduction Improvements in the cost reducing industries, changes in the industrial structure and. The Role of SMEs in Employment Creation and Economic Growth in Selected Countries AUTHORS NAME: Dr. Ngui Thomas Katua It further explores the role of SMEs in economic development and challenges facing SMEs and offers some solutions to the challenges.

Key words: Small business, job creation, economic development, poverty alleviation. Given the economic and development benefits of fast-growing and high-impact companies like Farmerline and Niritech, support for small and medium enterprises has.

(SMEs) in economic progress in developed and developing countries is to be considered backbone of the economy. SME sector of Pakistan is playing a very important part in the economic development and succession of technical improvement, sourcing to large scale industrial sector and promote economic renewal and social development.

The Role of SMEs in Nigeria Economic Development

(SMEs) in economic progress in developed and developing countries is to be considered backbone of the economy. SME sector of Pakistan is playing a very important part in the economic development and succession of technical improvement, sourcing to large scale industrial sector and promote economic renewal and social development.

Impact of SMES on Economic Development Many economies, developed and developing have come to appreciate the value of small businesses. This is because small businesses are characterised by dynamism, innovations, efficiency, and their small size allows for faster decision-making process.

Impact of smes on economic development
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