Magic finger writing activities

I receive a commission on any purchases made through these links. Girl tries to persuade them to stop shooting ducks but they will not listen. What happened to the Coopers? Along the way, Red Riding Hood meets a wolf, and tells him where she is going. When you squeeze the ball the mouth will open.

Place clothespins around an index card or a paper plate Hang up pictures or plush toys on a string, like a clothesline. I also like her because she uses her magic finger to turn the Gregg family into ducks in order to stop them from killing innocent ducks.

She has no rights to decide what is right or wrong.

Plan Stories with The Five-Finger Technique

Discuss with your friends and write some reasons that support you. Art Retell the story in the form of a storyboard.

The Magic Finger

To enhance oral proficiency. This ability is very important in the development of fine motor skills. This combines some shoulder and finger exercises together. Push a toothpick point into a styrofoam tray or plate, or in aluminum foil placed over craft foam or corkboard to make a picture.

Geography Draw a map showing the locations in the story. In therapy terms this is called distal muscles farthest away from the ones you are focusing on and proximal muscles directly next to or close by the ones you are working on. She dislikes people who are cruel to animals.

The Gregg family has four family members; they are Mr. She uses her magic finger on the Gregg family.

Magic Finger Activities

Punch holes along strips of paper 1 to 2 inches wide or along the edges of a sheet of paper or paper plate. Using the arm muscles, push up from the bottom of the chair. You see, when her temper flares she can use her magic finger to transform things and so she transforms the Gregg family into birds, in hopes that they will learn their lesson.

Gregg and their two sons, Phillip and William. Gregg because he shoots ducks.The Magic Finger.

Creative Writing Day 10: About Me Fingerprint

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The Magic Finger I enjoyed the Magic Finger. I loved the Gregg family changing their name to Egg. l listened to it on mum's phone while I was following with he book I have from the library.

I want it as a DVD. Amélie, 5 years old 2 of 2 people found this review helpful Overall. The title of my book is “The Magic Finger”. The person who wrote the book is Roald Dahl, while the person who illustrated the book is Quentin Blake. The main characters are “Girl” and the Gregg family.

The Gregg family has four family members; they are Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and their two sons, Phillip. This resource booklet contains a wide range of age-appropriate, engaging, and meaningful comprehension activities for use throughout the reading of Roald Dahl's 'The Magic Finger.' (Teachers have found them particularly useful in comprehension or guided reading sessions).4/4(1).

The Magic Finger - Create a Character cont. • In groups of 4, the children decide upon an animal or thing. • Groups write a list of possible scenarios/problems a person would encounter if they were turned into that animal or thing.

Other activities. Created Date. Comprehension work book and answers for The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. Used by low ability year 5 for homework, they took the book home and completed a section of booklet every week, but could be used in class as well/5(10).

Magic finger writing activities
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