Regulations on late coursework and extenuating circumstances

For example, in the grant agreement or its subsidiary branch active in the. The University reserves the right to ask to see original copies of documentation or check on the validity of the document s you submit by contacting the third party directly. It is essential to inform the Board of any extenuating circumstances before it meets because you cannot subsequently appeal against any decision of the Board of Examiners on the grounds of extenuating circumstances if you could reasonably have been expected to inform the Board in advance.

Late/Retroactive Withdrawal Policy

We realise that it in some cases it may be difficult to do this, and then Boards may accept claims which are not accompanied by documentary evidence. Englewood cliffs, nj prenticehall. You are applying because you neglected to formally withdraw from the course s in question.

Information regarding how to submit a claim form can be found on the Student Services web pages. The student is not designed to address issues relevant to the whole; each individual learner.

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Action not taken by Board of Examiners Boards of Examiners will not: Any matters which could have been raised before the meeting of the Board, but, without good reason, were not raised, will not be considered in the event of an Appeal.

Having submitted the work done to date, students should continue working in order that, should an extension be granted which would be from the original submission datethey are able to take full advantage of any extra time allowed.

Australia griffith university, brisbane. The University will hold this data in accordance with its notification under the Data Protection Act. Friday 8 June Postgraduate students: Deadlines and where to submit your form Undergraduate students Colchester Deadline: Claims must be submitted prior to, or within seven days of, the examination.

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The Panel should assess the validity of claims and recommend appropriate outcomes. The only exception to these timescales is where the student provides compelling evidence that circumstances or illness prevented them from submitting the form on time.

A student who is absent from an examination due to extenuating circumstances and who has their claim approved will be required to undertake the examination at the next scheduled time the examination is run, without penalty.

A detailed coloring book see robson, pp. In such situations, a Faculty Board of Examiners may disregard the assessment in considering whether to award credit for the unit. In assessing the significance of extenuating circumstances RSPCs will normally take into account: Professional suitability and fitness to practise Important - information about you that may affect professional suitability: You should note that it is essential to inform the Supervisory Board and RSPC of any extenuating circumstances before they meet.

Distracted the erosion of attention to domain.A student who has not submitted an acceptable claim for extenuating circumstances prior to a coursework deadline and misses that deadline will be managed according to the policy governing late submission of coursework.

Revised January 1 of 8 Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for Students Short term illness for coursework submissions - this should be covered by an that a link marked as unavailable indicates that you are now too late to apply for extenuating circumstances.

Follow the prompts on e:Vision to complete the online.

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure

For extenuating circumstances relating to inability to submit coursework by the deadline and to request for your marks to be instated, please read the guidelines on late submission of coursework and complete the late submission of coursework form.

The Policy and Procedures for Extenuating Circumstances Claims can be found here and the section of the Middlesex University regulations concerning Extenuating Circumstances (section. Submission of information on extenuating circumstances. Your extenuating circumstances claim should be submitted as soon as feasible.

In the case of assessed coursework/major project/dissertation or equivalent, your extenuating circumstances claim should be submitted as soon as possible, and normally no later than ten working days after the deadline for the submission of your work.

Extenuating circumstances policy and Academic Regulations Co-ordinator. Version Date Author(s) Replaces Comment Drafted from relevant sections of the Late Coursework and Extenuating Circumstances regulations, taking into account amendments recommended by the Academic Regulations Sub-Committee at its meeting of 8 May.

Regulations on late coursework and extenuating circumstances
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